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Conveyancing is the area of an Advocate’s business that deals with the alienation of an interest in land from one person to another by means of an appropriate instrument or document.  Conveyance is an instrument transferring an interest in land from one person to another.  Examples of conveyances are:

    • Mortgage or Charge
    • Transfer
    • Lease

Conveyancing is built on 3 foundations of law, land law, contract law and equity. Estates and interests in land are the subject of conveyancing.


For instance, the objective of purchasers of real estate is to receive the keys to their new property in short order while the sellers want a cheque just as quickly. Our role is to ensure both objectives are achieved smoothly and all impediments swiftly swept aside.

We have a dedicated, results-oriented team with outstanding negotiating, due diligence and drafting skills ready to offer timely and market-friendly solutions while keeping in mind potential liabilities. Our team delivers a full range of services ranging from structuring and planning of complex banking and real estate transactions, acquisition and disposal of property and perfection of securities. Through our developed networks, we walk our clients through the bureaucratic maze to obtain all relevant approvals from various government agencies.
We also provide updates on new legislation and emerging market trends affecting the banking and real estate sectors.

Formation of contracts and their formalities

Transfers of title are mainly made by contracts.  An understanding of equity and trust law are important for a conveyancer.

In the Kenyan context we are dealing with registered land for which a Title has been issued by the government.    There is certainty of title and there is a deed plan where one can conduct a search.

The State indemnifies the person who suffers loss as a result of a mistake hence it is an advantage of dealing with registered land.

This is a complex area of law for many people, we advise you to contact our conveyancing advocates at kubwa & Co. Advocates to assist with the entire process.

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Downloadable Templates:

Template 46 – discharge of charge

Template 47 discharge of charge

Template 48 – discharge of charge

Template 49 – discharge of charge

Template 50 – discharge of charge

Template 51 – discharge of charge

Template 52 – discharge of charge

Template 53 – discharge of charge

Template 54 – discharge of charge

Template 55 – discharge of charge

Template 56 – discharge of charge

Template 57 – discharge of charge

Template 58 – discharge of charge

Template 59 – discharge of charge

Template 60 – discharge of charge

Template 61 – discharge of charge

Template 62 – discharge of charge

Template 63 – discharge of charge

Template 64 – Company – Form 218 – Memo of registered Mortgage or Charge

Template 65 – Company – Form 214 – Mortagage or Charge

Template 66 – Charge

Template 1 – Sale Agreement

Template 2 – Sale Agreement

Template 3 – Sale Agreement

Template 4 – Sale Agreement

Template 5 – Sale Agreement

Template 6 – Sale Agreement

Template 7 – Transfer of Land Document

Template 8 – Sale Agreement

Template 9 – Sale Agreement

Template 10 – Sale Agreement

Template 11 – Sale Agreement

Template 12 – Sale Agreement

Template 13 – Sale Agreement

Template 14 – Transfer of Land Document

Template 15 – Transfer of Land Document

Template 16 – Charge

Template 17 – Particulars of a Mortgage or Charge Created by a Co. Registered in Kenya

Template 18 – Discharge of Charge

Template 19 – Discharge of several Charges

Template 20 – Discharge of several Charges

Template 21 – Discharge of Charge

Template 22 – Securities Charge (Supplemental

Template 23 – Securities Charge (Supplemental with other existing se

Template 24 Securities – Charge (Supplemental (PTA)

Template 25 Securities Charge (First Legal

Template 26 – Securities Charge (Collateral)

Template 27 – Securities Charge (Collateral)

Template 28 Securities Charge (Collateral Further)

Template 29 – Securities Charge (CBA)

Template 30 – Securities Charge

Template 31 – Securities Charge (Collateral)

Template 32 Securities – Appointment of Receiver of Mortgage or Charge

Template 33 – Re-conveyance of mortgage

Template 34 – reconveyance of mortgage

Template 35 – reconveyance of mortgage

Template 36 – reconveyance of mortgage

Template 37 – mortgages

Template 38 – mortgage loan

Template 39 – Mortgage

Template 40 – Discharge Investments & Mortgages Bank

Template 41 – dischrge of charge

Template 42 – dischrge of charge

Template 43 – discharge of charge

Template 44 – discharge of charge

Template 45 – discharge of charge


All lawyers will tell you that they know the law, communicate persuasively, charge/bill fairly and report regularly.

We do that.

Here’s what else you can expect:

• We communicate across platforms that suit you.

The binary choice of in person or by phone is dead everywhere else, why not in law? Zoom, FaceTime, Text, Email…no problem. Don’t worry, we still have welcoming offices and make a great cup of coffee so you can feel free to visit any time.

A smarter law firm means a more accessible lawyer.

• We digitized our documents to save trees and time.

Behind the scenes, we keep doing the sophisticated searches and due diligence then digitize the documents, you review them on your smartphone and sign them electronically.

A smarter law firm means a more productive lawyer.

• We use proprietary processes to complete your deal.

In many cases, we can have you in and out of the office in 20 minutes without ever having touched a single piece of paper. Your signed documents will be waiting in your email when you leave.

We can of course do it the old-fashioned way if you prefer, but it’s much more fun doing it electronically.

A smarter law firm means a smarter lawyer.

At Rayness Analytica (In Partnership With Kubwa & Company Advocates), Conveyancing and  Real Estate Law stands for:

    • Land Purchases and Sales
    • Land Leasing
    • Residential Purchases and Sales
    • Commercial Purchases and Sales
    • Residential & Commercial Leasing
    • Mortgages and Refinancing
    • Subdivision Development
    • Easements, Rights-of-Way, or Boundary Disputes
    • Severances
    • Expropriation

N/B: To understand the process of conveyancing in prose, click here and be a self taught “qualified” conveyancing lawyer for yourself! Good Luck!


PS. Sometimes all that’s needed is a form, document or tip that can solve problems or issues that repeat in your life or business. To save you from unnecessary legal costs by hiring lawyer(s), here are customizable smart templates/forms that you can use as often as you need; flexible enough to allow for changes without leaving you exposed.

In many cases, when visiting our website, you will be able to solve your legal and business problems in 20 minutes without ever contacting even our lawyers! You can of course do it the old-fashioned way if you prefer, but it’s much more fun doing it remotely and saving you costs! If you need our help, kindly follow the following instruction:

For our ONLINE legal/business services, please follow this instruction:

    1. click the following website link,
    2. once on the website’s homepage, an ONLINE brown chat box will appear at the right bottom end of screen;
    3. click on the chat tab, insert NAME, EMAIL and PHONE NUMBER; and
    4. proceed when ready, letting us know the issue(s) and eliciting HELP from our lawyers and business experts.

Click the following links below to search for the desired template, download it and embark on your great legal adventure – and don’t forget to bring the bug spray.  For each template, we have numerous different customizable documents.

Our aim is to facilitate resolution of legal and business problems in twenty minutes without ever contacting even our lawyers.  The old-fashioned way works, too, but it is ever so much more fun doing it remotely without incurring legal fees.




















Our passion to help people and business owners succeed inspired us to come up with these high-quality, customizable documents. The core idea has always been to provide a service that offers a big bang for the buck.  (Translation: HUGE value for a small price.) Note: We charge a small fee, specific to the type of document, to customize the template.

Go to the “Order Now” page and make a request.

We look forward to addressing your concerns and earning your trust and confidence in us!


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